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A grant deed is a kind of legal document which is used in transferring the real property title from one side, as the grantor, toward the other side, as the grantee. The real property typically is defined to become land as well as anything attached to the land, to grow on it, or even extended from the land which could not be taken with no damaging toward the land.

The grant deed has stated that a grantor grants an interest or title in a property to a grantee, as well as makes two guarantees about the property which is the grantor has the property clear and free and would not sell the property to someone else.

Besides, there would be no third party owning a legal right or lien to the transferred property. When the parties sign in the grant deed, the grantor gives up immediately all interest, rights, as well as the property ownership and also has no control further over it.

A grant deed contains various based on jurisdiction, although generally, the grant deeds have a transaction record in written, several legal statement which describes the property transfer from a grantor to a grantee, along with the legal addresses and names of the seller and the buyer.

The deed also may include the real property official description and the signature of the grantor, together with the grant deed acceptance. The grant deed mostly is witnessed by notary public as an official, but normally it must not be notarized.

Usually, the grant deed should be given to as well as accepted by a grantee to become valid. The grant deeds typically should also be filed, or may be placed on the record of public.

Along with these deeds, there are some other deeds types used for transferring real property ownership. As the quitclaim deed which for instance also transfers the rights and interest of property, as well as ownership right from a grantor toward a grantee, yet, it usually is not guarantying that the ownership pf grantor is the liens free.

Confirming the title of a property which is clear and free of claims, you may do a title search that could be done by the office pf local government and the company of the title. A trust deed may be applied as well of property transferring. Just like a mortgage, it could be used for transferring the title of real property to the trustee until the grantor pays the loan.

Thus, you may compare all types of deed with the grant deed as you need.

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