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1. First of all, you will need to choose a lawyer that specializes in living wills. You will need to specify to the lawyer what you want and what you need. Depending on what state you live in, it can cost a few hundred dollars.
2. One of the easiest methods, is to use an online living will website to download the forms. You will fill out the questionnaire and then submit it to the online website agents, where as they will go over the document to check for completeness and then email it back to you for you to sign your signature.
3. You can fill out an online form. When you have filled it out you are done and there is usually no cost to you. This means that you will represent yourself in your own legal affairs.

Is there anything else I will need to write online living wills?

1. One or two witnesses will be needed, that are not related to you and who will not benefit when you have passed.
2. It is a wise choice to let your family, attorney and doctor know that you have prepared a living will and put in a safe place where they can retrieve it. You can even place a card or form in your wallet or purse that if anything happens and family members cannot be contacted immediately, the hospital will know what your wishes are.
3. If you decide on moving to another state, you might have to do another living will. If your medical condition changes, you might also need to redo another living will.

It is important to write online living wills in the event of your death. Always gather up as much information and documents like car, mortgage papers and any useful documentation. Lastly, be sure that a family member, spouse, child, or even your lawyer, know that you have made a living will and the location of where it is. There is enough grief and sadness at the passing of a loved one, so by having a living will can help in not adding any more heartache to your family.

Attention! We are not attorneys and we are not lawyers. We cannot represent customers, select legal forms, or give advice on rights or laws. The article provided is for information ONLY and is NOT a substitute for the advice of a lawyer.