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Is your job and mortgage pushing your budget to the hilt? Do you have nothing left to put aside at the end of every month? Are you dreaming of going far away this winter?

Or are you just looking to make the most out of your trust fund?

Your trust fund is a wonderful privilege but maybe it isn’t it all you thought it would be. Maybe it is time to use it for that trip to Fiji and the Pacific Islands you always wanted to take.

After all, thinking about your trust fund as a tool only for the future leaves you no time to enjoy the present.

Now you are still young enough to enjoy the adventure of travel like a youngster. Ziplining through the jungles of Cambodia could be part of your next trip itinerary. Waiting for retirement to enjoy the benefits of your trust fund might not be the best strategy after all.


Usually, when most people think of a trust fund, they think of luxurious items like caviar and diamonds. Perhaps they might think of luxury cruises to exotic places as well. If so, they would not be wrong to think of a trust fund as a good way to fund such an excursion.

However, if you are still relatively young, you might want to think about doing something a little bit more adventurous. Living in the moment is something easy to do when you are traveling. And if you have a trust fund to cover your expenses, there is likely to be less concern over money later on. Just let go and enjoy it.

You don’t have to be Bill Gates and set up a foundation for saving the world. Besides, you should start making your own world bigger. Maybe after you have traveled, you too will find a cause like Mr. Gates. It is a big world out there and you have the means to enjoy it.

Your trust fund should not only be used to improve your quality of life at home but also on the road. You really can take it with you!!

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