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If you have a shoe collection like Imelda Marcos, you definitely might want to consider putting your clothes in will. The sheer quantity alone makes them valuable enough to require someone to look after their distribution once you pass away.

In the case of Imelda Marcos, you might even want to arrange for an auction to sell them off to the highest bidder. The proceeds could then go to your desired heir or charity.

This would certainly be easier than picking out individuals to receive all the different shoes you have.

Maybe you don’t have a huge shoe or clothing collection. In this case, there are probably still items in your wardrobe that family members or even friends might treasure.

A set up cowboy boots or feathered hat might be desired by one of your children because of memories and sentimental value.

Hopefully you will know which of the children or heirs value these precious items. If not, planning your will in advance is a way to start talking with them about what is important. It is a good way to start having the conversation about your will.

More than that, it should allow you to distribute your clothing more fairly to those who value it most.

Maybe you were not a fashion model during your life but you have some clothing that people in need might value. In this case, you will probably want to give them to charity. Putting your clothing in a will is a nice way to facilitate this. This is particularly true if you have any special charities in mind.

The Salvation Army is not the only place that accepts clothes. Putting your clothes in a will allows you to increase their value by finding people who need or want them.

That is probably the most important thing about having a will. It allows you to touch people’s lives both before and after you die through giving. It is an opportunity to get closer to those you care about.

One can also find many resale shops of almost new or gently used baby clothing offering name brand bargains at affordable prices.

Your precious baby need not be made to wear uncomfortable outfits in cheap fabrics due to your financial situation as there are so many ways to obtain wonderful apparel in durable comfy fabrics with either mail order or internet shopping at dependable and customer-friendly shops.

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